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formtek, inc. is a group of long-established metal forming equipment manufacturing companies, each with a well-known 精品国产在线自乱拍oltzscom0name and a history of providing innovative 精品国产在线自乱拍oltzscom1and reliable equipment to the metal forming and metal processing industries.  with two dozen brands spread across seven facilities, our network of personnel are here to support your range metal forming and fabricating equipment needs.

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lockformer custom machinery

lockformer® custom machinery, designs, manufactures, 精品国产在线自乱拍oltzscom2and integrates tooling and machinery for light gauge custom roll forming. in conjunction with iowa precision industries, lockformer® custom machinery also offers flexible fabrication systems and solutions.

dahlstrom industries

dahlstrom industries designs, manufactuers and integrates tooling and machinery for custom roll forming and flexible fabrication systems and solutions. as an equipment manufacturer, dahlstrom offers a range of sheet and coil roll forming machines and flexible fabrication equipment.

tishken products

tishken products company, founded in 1921, a leading supplier of high quality roll forming machinery and tooling to the automotive, appliance, building products, metal service center and 国产在线a3metal processing industries.


b&k designs and manufactures metal processing and metal forming equipment with cutting edge, patented technologies aimed at the metal building and metal processing industries. the b&k supermill® features the patented gauge adjustment and rotary punch and shear technologies.

yoder machinery

yoder is a designer and builder of equipment, tooling and systems for metal forming, tube and pipe and heavy industrial material handling applications. yoder can provide custom or off-the-shelf manufacturing solutions.

coilmate dickerman

coilmate / dickerman provides retrofit and turnkey systems for small width coil processing and material handling. our solutions include, pallet decoilers, ...

rowe machinery

rowe machinery is your source for new and used machinery, tools and inspection equipment.


for over 75 years, lockformer(r) has been the most recognized name in the sheet metal machinery industry. we have led the world in the production of hvac rollforming equipment (such as our lockformer pittsburgh machines) and vulcan plasma cutting systems.


winpro provides innovative and dependable manufacturing equipment for the fenestration industry. winpro fenestration solutions reduce manufacturing costs while simultaneously increasing productivity and overall product quality.

cwp coil

(cwp), is the leading manufacturer of coil handling equipment and systems serving the metal working industry for over 50 years. 国产在线a4from individual coil handling ...

ism machinery

ism machinery, inc. is a u.s. based spiral fitting machine manufacturer, specializing in the service and sales of spiral tubeformers and related equipment, such as fitting and clinching machines.

formtek roll tooling

formtek’s staff of tooling engineers has a century of experience in the design of complex roll formed shapes, tube and pipe needs. we utilize this experience, along with the latest cad software, to design the tooling specific to each application.

lion machinery

lion machinery’s mission is to proactively engage in the manufacture, marketing, and sale of light guage metal forming machinery and systems and maintain our role as the recognized leader within this industry. to this end, lion will endeavor to supply products which meet or exceed standards established by national, state and local code bodies

iowa precision

the leader in automated hvac coil lines, duct fabrication systems, seam closers and corner inserters – a company with a rich history that has the experience and proven know-how to develop systems meeting the specific 国产福利5production goals of customers – worldwide.

hill engineering

hill engineering has been a leader in engineering and building of roll forming and stamping machines for over 50 years. we specialize in providing unique alternatives to solve your production problems, such as: stamping dies, progressive dies, in-line punching die and cutoff die systems.

bossi equipment

the bossi brand has been present for more than 40 years on the world-wide market in the production of machines for metal surface finishing. please contact us, we can offer customized solutions for meeting your requirements.


roto-die’s unique hydraulic sheet metal bending brakes are regarded as an industry standard in hvac and metal fabrication shops throughout the united states. each sheet metal brake is a versatile, economical, productive tool satisfying a wide range of sheet metal bending and forming needs.

engel industries

engel is recognized as one of the leading suppliers of quality sheet metal forming machinery and systems. the company has designed and built practical, cost-efficient equipment for over fifty years, providing solutions to a broad range of manufacturing problems.

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